Stranded Colony – An Unreal Tournament CTF map

Stranded Colony is a capture the flag map made in the Unreal Tournament Editor.

Your ship has landed on a desolate desert planet, your resources are dwindling, and the planet in itself is hostile. The crew has been split up into two different factions, one consisting of the officers, and one of the rest of the crew. Your only option is to fight for the remaining resources.


Level Design| Lighting| Visual Scripting|

Development time: 5 weeks | Engine: Unreal Tournament Editor | Team Size: One designer, two 3D artists.

Additional tools: P4V | Blender | Photoshop | Audacity

Stranded Colony is a fairly linear, slightly asymmetrical medium sized capture the flag map, intended for beginner to medium experienced players who enjoy team play.

Each team spawns in different ends of the map, for a size reference, the time it takes to travel between each flag in a straight path is 23 seconds.

The spawn area is spread out in a semi circle around the flag, this is done to prevent spawn camping, as well as giving any attacker who successfully grabbed the flag a little bit of leeway before any killed player reach the flag position.

  1. Flags
  2. Ground floor paths
  3. Upper floor paths
  4. Hidden paths
  5. Open areas of mixed altitude

In the middle of the map, we find the hydroponics.

This area is beautiful, there’s natural light, music is playing – but as a contrast, it’s also the deadliest part of the map, as cover is sparce, and the threath level high.